Pippa Dyer

Unique, Creative, Jazz Singer, Film Writing Mentor & Author

Pippa has been dedicated to the craft of telling of stories, in different disciplines, all through her life … Stage, Screen, as an Actor, Director. She has also been a Singer, Publisher, Book Editor, Film crew member (wardrobe, P.A., Content Director), Film Crewing Agent, in Film development (FAWO), a Teacher (ATCL from College of London), Screenwriting Lecturer and Mentor, started an initiative to teach film writing to offenders in the prisons, and is currently a Classifier at the Film Publications Board. She is a Creative, Entrepreneur, Visionary, Biz Woman and Mamma (very important), “I learnt all my negotiative skills there!”. Pippa’s creative spirit has boundless energy and always leads with a message, she loves to help others (including herself) find their voices and achieve their dreams.

With approximately 9 Film Writing courses under her belt, she has had the privilege of 13 Writing mentors – both international and South African – some good and some very bad – and has learned from each one of them. She is – a Unique – it is how she lives and breathes. See testimonials here.

  • Pippa Wrote and Directed Mixed Blood for the Women’s Festival in 1984.
  • Wrote and Performed around SA the highly acclaimed The Voice Beyond the Veil exploring her own complicated inter-cultural dualities 2004-2007.
  • She is Founder Member of the extraordinary prison program initiative Greenlight District Project, teaching film writing to offenders. See here.
  • Pippa wrote Strike Up! Structure Your First Film her first self-published work in 2014. It is intended to form part of a 4-part series called The Storyteller.

Tertiary Academic Education to date

  • B.A. UCT 1972, 1st Yr. Greek and Roman Literature and Philosophy, Italian, English
  • A.T.C.L. 1974 Associate Teachers from the College of London in practical Acting
  • UCT (University of Cape Town) 1976 Performer’s Diploma in Acting
  • B.A. UKZN 1984, Ist Yr. Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science

Film or Stage Courses to Date

  • Performer’s Diploma – 1976 (UCT) (3 year Acting Course)
  • Script For Sale ProSeries16 – 2007 (1 year)(USA Hal Croasman course, recommended by Gavin Hood)
  • NFVF Spark – 2009 (Screenwriting Beginners, 6 months)
  • Script Institute – 2009 (Screenwriting workshop on location, 6 weeks)
  • NFVF Masters – 2009/10 (Screenwriting Advanced, 6 months)
  • NFVF Film Producers Forum – 2010 (Producer Workshops with Angus Finney)
  • UKZN Film Summer School – 2011 (facilitated by Mickey Hatton, Pippa wrote all, DOP’d 3 Shorts, Directed 3 Shorts)
  • ScreenwritingU – 2012 Great Endings (USA Hal Croasman course)
  • ScreenwritingU – 2012 Maximum Entertainment (USA Hal Croasman course)
  • Cut to the Chase – 2012 Janet van Eeden course
  • AFDA School Of Motion Pictures & Live Performance – 2012 & 2018 (Lectured 1st & 2nd Yr Screenwriting, 1 year altogether)
  • Screenwriting Goldmine – Phil Gladwin – 2012 eCourse. ‘How to write a film Producers are dying to shoot’

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See Greenlight District Project here

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