Pippa Dyer

Unique, Creative, Jazz Singer, Film Writing Mentor & Author

Pippa has been dedicated to the craft of telling of stories, in different disciplines, all through her life … Stage, Screen, as an Actor, Director. She has also been a Singer, Publisher, Book Editor, Film crew member (wardrobe, P.A., Content Director), Film Crewing Agent, in Film development (FAWO), a Teacher (ATCL from College of London), Screenwriting Lecturer and Mentor, started an initiative to teach film writing to offenders in the prisons, and is currently a Classifier at the Film Publications Board. She is a Creative, Entrepreneur, Visionary, Biz Woman and Mamma (very important “I learnt all my negotiative skills there!”). Pippa’s creative spirit has boundless energy and always leads with a message, she loves to help others (including herself) find their voices and achieve their dreams.

With approximately 9 Film Writing courses under her belt, she has had the privilege of 13 Writing mentors – both international and South African – good and bad – and has learned from each one of them. She is – a Unique – it is how she lives and breathes. See testimonials here.

  • Pippa Wrote and Directed Mixed Blood for the Women’s Festival in 1984.
  • Wrote and Performed around SA the highly acclaimed The Voice Beyond the Veil exploring her own complicated inter-cultural dualities 2004-2007.
  • She is Founder Member of the extraordinary prison program initiative Greenlight District Project, teaching film writing to offenders. See here.
  • Pippa wrote Strike Up! Structure Your First Film her first self-published work in 2014. It forms part of a 4-part series called The Storyteller. You can buy a copy below just press the button, or on eCourses. (The second book Dig Deep Dialogue will be published as soon as she has time to write it. Watch this space!)

Tertiary Academic Education to date

  • B.A. UCT 1972, 1st Yr. Greek and Roman Literature and Philosophy, Italian, English
  • A.T.C.L. 1974 Associate Teachers from the College of London in practical Acting
  • UCT (University of Cape Town) 1976 Performer’s Diploma in Acting
  • B.A. UKZN 1984, Ist Yr. Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science

Film or Stage Courses to Date

  • Performer’s Diploma – 1976 (UCT) (3 year Acting Course)
  • Script For Sale ProSeries16 – 2007 (1 year)(USA Hal Croasman course, recommended by Gavin Hood)
  • NFVF Spark – 2009 (Screenwriting Beginners, 6 months)
  • Script Institute – 2009 (Screenwriting workshop on location, 6 weeks)
  • NFVF Masters – 2009/10 (Screenwriting Advanced, 6 months)
  • NFVF Film Producers Forum – 2010 (Producer Workshops with Angus Finney )
  • UKZN Film Summer School – 2011 (facilitated by Mickey Hatton, Pippa wrote all, DOP’d 3 Shorts, Directed 3 Shorts)
  • ScreenwritingU – 2012 Great Endings (USA Hal Croasman course)
  • ScreenwritingU – 2012 Maximum Entertainment (USA Hal Croasman course)
  • Cut to the Chase – 2012 Janet van Eeden course
  • AFDA School Of Motion Pictures & Live Performance – 2012 & 2018 (Lectured 1st & 2nd Yr Screenwriting, 1 year altogether)
  • Screenwriting Goldmine – Phil Gladwin – 2012 eCourse. ‘How to write a film Producers are dying to shoot’


Film Writing Mentor

Teaching utilizes all left brain academia skills, biz skills and right brain creative activity. It’s a very good mix for her, she says, “All the years of Acting, Theatre, Film, and Publishing, eventually paid off!” Testimonials from screenwriting students press here.

Greenlight District Project, teaching Film writing to Offenders within the Department of Correctional Services, is Pippa’s own initiative. From 2014-2017 she taught in the brutal Meredale prison, in Johannesburg, SA, commonly known as ‘Sun City’. You can source further information here and Testimonials from offender students here.

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